Child protection information-sharing in Musina

Outreach Foundation, in collaboration with Musina’s Department of Social Development, went to Rehoshebah Independent Academy in Musina on Friday, 9th June 2023, to mark the end of Child Protection Week.

During the intervention, Outreach Foundation’s social workers spoke to the children about what to do in the event of child abuse, violence, rape, substance abuse and bullying.

The children were asked what they thought each topic was about and were encouraged to share their thoughts about each.

Additionally, they were taught a song that was easy to remember regarding what to do in the event that someone touches their bodies inappropriately.

Another topic raised was financial abuse. The social workers explained what this was and how it can impact the children. This was a fairly unknown topic to the children, who were surprised that there was such a thing.

Child Protection Week took place from 29th May to 5th June 2023. It is a week commemorated annually to raise awareness of the rights of children as articulated in the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa and the Children’s Act (Act 38 of 2005).

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