Through our programmes, we hope to make a difference. We strive to give people better opportunities and provide skills training and support to those who need it through our social services and community outreach programmes. We allow people to discover themselves and learn hidden talents. Join us in our mission to empower people and reduce unemployment.

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Our programmes are grouped into three main pillars:

Community Outreach by Outreach Foundation
Community Outreach

Within this pillar, we offer music theory, piano, and marimba lessons. We also offer educational support.

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Skills Development at Outreach Foundation
Skills Development

Within this pillar, we offer various courses including digital skills, artisanal skills, hospitality training, beautician training and green skills.

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Social Services at Outreach Foundation
Social Services

Within this pillar, we offer substance abuse and family preservation services, and we advocate, lobby and hold workshops focusing on human rights issues.

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Download our pamphlets that display some of the services we offer