Outreach Foundation commemorated Human Rights Day/Month in a variety of ways

Annually, South Africa declares the 21st of March a public holiday – Human Rights Day – to remind us of the sacrifices many made in the struggle for democracy. However, we are encouraged to observe human rights throughout March.

The Outreach Foundation did many activities to honour the day and month. One such event was done by Outreach Foundation Musina, where our community development workers conducted a three-day awareness campaign with marginalised and disadvantaged groups of women, many of whom are migrants. Most are currently working as seasonal workers on farms, while others are permanent workers.

The Outreach Foundation’s community development workers addressed three topics they had identified during their work in the community: gender-based violence, HIV and AIDS, and teenage pregnancy.

On the first day, they dealt with gender-based violence and its implications. On the second day, they discussed various topics around HIV and AIDS. On the third day, they worked with the community on matters relating to teenage pregnancy.

This was a very productive workshop, and our community development workers left feeling really glad to have been there to share and assist the women. Here are some great photos taken during the campaign.

Human Rights workshop in Hillbrow

Outreach Foundation, together with Lawyers Against Abuse, spoke to a number of people about their human rights and their responsibilities for upholding them.

One of our skills development team members conducted an icebreaker activity that helped clients loosen up and be open about their life experiences and challenges.

During the session, many of our migrant clients shared their experiences of human rights violations due to their lack of documentation.

The workshop was particularly relevant to our clients, as it empowered them to stand up for themselves and fight against the violations of their human rights they may face.

Lawyers Against Abuse provided insights into the services they offer and how they can assist clients facing related issues.

Key points emphasised during the workshop included the basic rights of everyone living in South Africa.

Many clients were unaware of their children’s right to education, even without proper documentation. Our community development team took the initiative to register those in need of assistance with documentation and school placements.

Overall, the workshop was a success in raising awareness and empowering our clients to advocate for their rights.

Outreach Foundation is committed to supporting our clients in fighting for their rights and accessing essential services.