Launch of partnership between Outreach Foundation and the Somali Association of South Africa

The Outreach Foundation is very pleased to announce a partnership between itself and the Somali Association of South Africa (SASA). The organisation will supply social services, including counselling, documentation assistance and some legal services, as well as skills training like computer skills, sewing skills and basic English lessons to the people who come to the centre.

The partnership was kicked off with an event that included other organisations and institutions that can help the people within the association.

Fezeka Boncgo from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in South Africa attended. She touched on the lack of funds UNHCR has in South Africa due to funds being prioritised to other countries, specifically as a result of wars. In her parting message, she told the audience that it was important that refugees join hands and don’t go to the UNHCR as Somalian or Zimbabwean etc, but as refugees. By doing so, they would have more impact than if they go as an individual country.

The Tshwane Councillor, Mr Ngobeni, said he was excited to be part of the celebrations and that he was in favour of partnerships such as this. He also said that he continues to work to ensure that migrants are heard and protected in the community. A policewoman from Tshwane also spoke to the community about the SAPS and about a project that is attached to them that offers some courses, giving migrants more opportunities to learn.

A refugee, this time from the Congo, recited her poem on the struggles of refugees, asylum seekers and migrants outside their countries of origin and Rwandan community leader Claude Kayitare, who represented the South African Refugee-Led Network, cited that he is grateful for the collaboration and said he wished Outreach Foundation could reach more vulnerable migrants in Gauteng.

Aisha Mohamed from the Somali Community Youth recited her poem and presented her artwork depicting the struggles of migrants, global economic challenges and global political matters, and members of the Somali Association of South Africa, such as Abdikadir Mohamid, Hodan Abdi, and community elder, Abdifatah Sadiq also shared their views on the partnership.