Staff environmental sustainability workshop

One Habit at a Time – unlearning to relearn our environment

The first of three workshops for the Outreach Foundation staff and volunteers was held at Ubuntu Hub (A Planet One space in Braamfontein) in August 2023. The project aims to raise awareness of littering and find sustainable alternatives to manage waste within the organisation and the schools the organisation works with. Through interactive discussions, practical examples, and thought-provoking activities, participants gained valuable insights into the significance of waste management and the role each of us plays in creating a cleaner and greener future.

The first phase of the project included  

  • Using bins effectively
  • Keeping the organisation clean
  • Participating in partnerships to ensure a safe and clean environment for all
  • Environmental conservation training and organisation database recognition

The One Habit at a Time workshop will be an ongoing project facilitated by Angel Msiya, who is working on her BA Degree in Anthropology and Geography (GIS and remote sensing) through the University of Johannesburg. Dr. Thea Schoeman, the Head of the Department of Geography, Environmental and Energy Studies Faculty of Science at the University of Johannesburg, supports her in facilitation.

 The project will go beyond the Outreach Foundation to the schools and other spaces we work within. Green officers will be trained and allocated within the organisation and school bodies.

The staff that participated made pledges at the workshop regarding environmental awareness.