Our Musina office has moved!

Outreach Foundation has been in Musina for a number of years now, offering much-needed social service support to the community as well as skills training.

After sharing the Musina Disability Centre for a while, we have finally moved to our own premises.

Please note that our new address for Musina is now:




You won’t be able to miss it as we have our branding up.

Feel free to pop into the office should you need any of the services we provide. You can also contact the office at 081 403 8329 or email them at musina@outreachfoundation.co.za.

We’d like to thank our wonderful donor, ELM, for giving us the opportunity to move into our new offices and provide services to the community of Musina and its surrounds.

And to celebrate our new offices, we hosted a dinner for around 60 special guests. Have a look at some of the photos of our staff preparing for the opening dinner.