Warm items donated to Outreach Foundation

As part of its Capitec Crocheton in collaboration with 67 Blankets for Nelson Mandela Day in South Africa, Capitec Bank generously donated blankets, scarves and beanies to the Outreach Foundation.
Outreach Foundation’s Social Services Department made sure that the warm goods were given to those that really needed it.
Thank you to RedPencil for your generous contribution to this initiative.
Also, a big thank you to Capitec for the generous donation towards our Learner Support Programme.

Third finalists in the BASA Awards

Celebrating partnerships!
The third finalist in the BASA Awards Community Development Award category is Rand Merchant Bank and Outreach Foundation, for Letters to You and Me – the 2020 iteration of the intergenerational project, was co-funded by the International Relief Fund of the German Federal Foreign Office, the Goethe-Institut, and other partners: www.goethe.de/relieffund
For the past five years, the Outreach Foundation has offered an after-school drama programme for young learners and the youth in Hillbrow, in partnership with Tswelopele Frail Care Centre and Johannesburg Society for the blind.
It has run as an intergenerational programme on themes like identity, belonging, cultural beliefs and generational curses that has inspired intergenerational knowledge sharing.
After suspending the in-person programme, Letters to You and Me – 5th Anniversary was developed as a digital storytelling training programme and training manual, based on Gcebile Dlamini’s 5 years of engaging intergenerational theatre-making practice.
All the winners will be announced at the 24th BASA Awards, in partnership with Hollard, online and available to watch on 31 August 2021
#BASA24 #BetterFutures

Empowering girls to stay in school


During July, for Mandela Day and to mark Women’s Month in August, Outreach Foundation and D.A.R.E. joined forces to support the launch of a fundraising campaign, 67 Acts of Kindness for the Girl Chid on Mandela Day. This campaign aims to provide washable sanitary pads to Grade 8 girls in inner-city schools in Johannesburg.
The programme was launched at St Enda’s Secondary School (OF has worked with St Enda’s for over 21 years!).
Mooniba Bhyat, Founder and Managing Director at DARE – Developing Ambitious Resilient Entrepreneurs, facilitated an inspirational self-development and menstrual health conversation and handed over the packs containing 5 pads that should last for 4 years to 65 girls.
Washable sanitary pads are an act of kindness to mother earth. Studies have shown that one disposable sanitary pad could take from 500 to 800 years to decompose.
This initiative will form part of a four-year research project, to monitor the efficacy and impact that the washable sanitary pads will have on adolescent girls in the inner-city of Johannesburg.
We truly appreciate the support and love of all who generously contributed to the campaign – Thank you! May this be a start to an ongoing campaign reaching out to schools across the land.
Thank you to St Enda’s Secondary School for supporting this initiative.
To contribute to this initiative please contact Mooniba on 0827795090 or Gerard on 0837249307
Thank you to Bread for the World, ELM, Lutheran World Federation and Capitec Bank for supporting the Learner Support Programme.

Executive Director one of the first members of staff to get the COVID-19 vaccination

Executive Director gets his jab, encourages others to do the same

As soon as the registration for the COVID-19 vaccination was open to the age group 50-59, Outreach Foundation’s Executive Director, Robert Michel, registered to get his jab.

“I was waiting patiently for this time to come and jumped at the chance to register,” he said. “The process was easy, and within hours I had my appointment for the next day.

“I was a little unsure how busy it would be and how it would actually go, but I was pleasantly surprised. The venue was very well organised. I arrived an hour before my appointment, as advised via WhatsApp, and went through the process of having my temperature taken and answering a few questions.  And then, I was ushered to my spot where the person was waiting to give me the injection.

“It happened really quickly and painlessly, and I was then told to go outside and wait for 15 minutes before leaving. I left the venue with my inoculation card feeling great. I continued to feel good for the rest of the day, with the only sign that I had the injection coming from a tender and sore arm which was gone by the next day.”

Robert has encouraged all his staff members to get their vaccinations too as soon as their age group comes up.

“It was a really easy process, and it is safe and effective. It helps to build protection against the COVID-19 virus. It does NOT contain the live virus and therefore cannot make you sick with COVID-19. And it helps save lives. I can’t wait to get my second injection to have a stronger immune response to the virus.

“Please register to get your vaccination as the more of us that have the injection, the better it will be for our country and the more lives we can help save,” said Robert

On the GCIS website, www.gcis.gov.za, a guideline regarding vaccinations is given. The process followed before a vaccine is given to the public is explained as well as answers to several other questions around the vaccine.

One such answer is that relating to whether the vaccine is necessary to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and was answered as follows:

“There is overwhelming scientific evidence that vaccination is the best defence against serious infections. Vaccines do not give you the virus, rather it teaches your immune system to recognise and fight the infection. The COVID-19 vaccine presents the body with instructions to build immunity and does not alter human cells. Vaccines have reduced the morbidity and mortality of infectious diseases such as smallpox, poliomyelitis, hepatitis B, measles, tetanus, whooping cough and pneumococcal conjugate across the world. Vaccinating enough people would help create herd immunity and stamp out the disease.”

Click The Impact of Vaccines to view some infographics on the impact of vaccines.

There is plenty of information on the virus on the internet,  but do go to https://sacoronavirus.co.za. It’s a great site with a lot of information and resources that are verified and relates to the virus in our country.

On www.gov.za, the following answer was given to the question as to whether vaccinations are important, including the COVID-19 vaccine, and which we think is a really good reason as to why you should register for the COVID-19 one and why other vaccines are important:

“Vaccination is a safe and effective way to prevent disease and save lives. When we get vaccinated, we do not just protect ourselves but also those around us. Some people, like those who are seriously ill, are advised not to get certain vaccines – so they depend on the rest of us to get vaccinated and help reduce the spread of disease.”

Keep an eye on the news to hear when your age group is up for registration and then head to the EVDS self-registration app to register; the link is HTTPS://VACCINE.ENROLL.HEALTH.GOV.ZA. One can walk into a vaccination site, but only if it applies to the age groups that have been opened up for the injection, and it is up to the vaccine site manager to decide if they will be able to accept walk-in vaccines on that day. Other rules apply, such as those with scheduled appointments get to go before you, and you will still have to register on the EVDS once there. You are also not guaranteed to get a vaccine on the day you walk in.

Having said that, the elderly who have not yet had their vaccinations are encouraged to go to vaccination sites and get their vaccinations as they are at great risk with the COVID-19 virus.





Training courses new schedule

Human Rights Workshop

Let’s talk about it!
On June 4th 2021, we held a Human Rights Workshop. It had a tremendous turnout!
The workshop delved deep into topics of migration; human rights & responsibilities; the host country; social integration & cohesion; xenophobia; peacebuilding and adaptation.
There was much engagement and all that attended had tons of fun!
Thank you so much to all the organisers of this event and a special thank you to all who were able to join us! Your support is much appreciated!

Human Rights workshop


Leadership and Courage Child Protection Workshops in Lichtenburg

Leadership and Courage Child Protection Workshops in Lichtenburg at two schools
During the week of the 7th July 2021, Outreach Foundation conducted workshops in Lichtenburg at the Gaetsho Secondary School.
Nelereng Moale (FirstRand First Job intern) and Gerard Bester conducted the workshops to an inspiring group of Grade 9 and 10 class monitors at the school.
A great time was had and the children really enjoyed themselves.
We’d like to thank Mr Modikwe (Principal) and Mr Tau (Teacher) for your trust and support. Also, to EM Phadi (Chief executive officer at Department of Education North West – his unofficial title at the school, for connecting us to the principal.
Thank you again to community champion, Mametsi Mabel Mathembo, for joining us at the Courage workshop.
We were so gifted by the learners – we had a surprise performance by three learners who blew us away with their talent and passion.
Thank you to Bread for the World and ELM for their generous support.
Nelereng and Gerard also conducted the Courage Workshops for grade 10’s 11’s and 12’s at Rekgonne Secondary School in Lichtenburg.
They had a great time and so did the children. The powerful Courage toolkit inspires young people to vision and action a future that holds both hope and inspiration for a better world.
A big shout out to a community champion, Mametsi Mabel Mathembo, for going the extra mile – for organising schools and being part of the workshops. Her engagement with the learners by engaging in her own story was truly inspirational.
We’d like to thank the school, and convey a special thank you to Ms Duka, for trusting us to work with her learners.
We met some truly inspiring learners who deserve enabling environments to fulfil their dreams. Thanks to the learners who were so engaged and focused. Thank you!
Outreach Foundation at Rekgonne Secondary School     

Lichtenburg gets a taste of our beauty course

During the week of 7 June 2021, Outreach Foundation took Litchenburg by storm when we introduced our beautician course to the community of Blydeville.
Multiple eager and excited ladies gathered to acquire the skills to give clients a proper manicure and perform a full face beat makeup.
Another huge thank you to Mametsi Mabel Mathembo, who has given us incredible support in Lichtenburg and to all who have this programme possible!
Outreach Foundation in Lichtenburg     

Food preparation course ends

Our students in the Food Preparation Course have completed their training. We wish all our participants all the best on their journey post this course.

Thank you to all our funders and partners for making this “tasty” training a success.


Cooking classes end Food prepared by students on Outreach Foundation's Food Preparation course  Students put forward their final meals after completing the Outreach Foundation Food Preparation course The students from Outreach Foundation's cooking course with their final dishes

Facilitating Intergenerational Theatre – A Handbook for Practitioners

Outreach Foundation is excited to share the work of a 5-year intergenerational programme that has been compiled into a handbook “Facilitating Intergenerational Theatre – A Handbook for Practitioners”. May it inspire many iterations of intergenerational practice in towns and cities in South Africa.
Congratulations to Gcebile Dlamini on this achievement and thank you to Chantal Meugens and Tamara Guhrs for your incredible work in shaping the handbook. The handbook, a film In Silent Shoes We Walk and a short documentary can be seen and downloaded @ https://www.goethe.de/ins/za/en/kul/sup/ihf.html.
Thank you to the Goethe-Institut South Africa for housing the manual which serves two specific purposes: to tell the story of an intergenerational theatre programme which took place in Hillbrow, Johannesburg over a five-year period, and to offer practical guidance to practitioners and facilitators interested in undertaking similar work. Decision-makers, solution-holders or grant-makers within the education or social development sector will find this work interesting and useful, as will people who are responsible for commissioning theatre productions for festivals or programmes, and wish to do so in an informed, ethical way. We hope that it will inspire, and deepen your understanding of how to use creative process, storytelling, play and conversation in creating connections between generations.
Launching this manual is bittersweet because it marks the end of the theatre programme at Outreach Foundation. After 22 years the Outreach Foundation will no longer offer theatre for young children and youth in Hillbrow.
This project is funded by the International Relief Fund of the German Federal Foreign Office, the Goethe-Institut and other partners.
Thank you, Goethe-Institut South Africa, for all your support.
Our appreciation also goes to the Auswärtiges Amt, S. Fischer Stiftung, and the Robert Bosch Stiftung for recognising and acknowledging our work in the inner-city of Johannesburg; to Rand Merchant Bank, Bread for the World, and the Lutheran World Federation for generously supporting this programme over the last five years.

Food Preparation and Cookery Training Course

Food Preparation and Cookery Training Course

Our first Food Preparation and Cookery training course for 2021 started on May 3rd, 2021. This 6-week long training course is conducted in partnership with the Soweto Chef’s Academy. It includes theory and practical training. The final 2-day practical is monitored internally by our FirstRand Intern who is trained in the field.
Our 12, all-female participants are in their second week of learning and have already mastered the art of preparing a mouthwatering vegetarian Asian Stir-fry as well as succulent meatballs.
We look forward to tasting more of their delicious dishes!
A big thank you to all our funders for making this project possible.
Students learn to cook at Outreach   Excited cookery and food preparation course participants can't wait to start the course.
Soweto Chef's academy teaching students at Outreach Foundation
Noodles made by Outreach Foundation's cooking students   Food made by Outreach Foundation cooking students

Sewing classes in Johannesburg and Pretoria

Sewing classes started

Our sewing classes started in late March.
This is a 12-week long training course conducted in both Pretoria and Hillbrow.
Over the past few weeks, our classes have created these amazing items! Proving that it’s So Sew Easy! (we couldn’t resist using the pun)
Sewing courses

Beautician course graduation

Beautician business starter kits

The journey that started in early April for our intake of beautician participants has come to an end.
Thank you to all the participants for their hard work, dedication and commitment.
Another big thank you to Alliance Francaise Soweto for their support.
We wish all the recipients of the beautician business starter kits all the best in their future endeavours.
business starter kits

Wig-making has begun

Our Hair and Wig making classes are underway!

These classes started on Monday, 10th May 2021.
This is a 3-week course inclusive of theory and practical training. Our students have already started making gorgeous wigs and were introduced to both the traditional and knotless method of braiding this week; next will be cornrows!
We can’t wait to see how those turn out!
wig-making Wig making takes place Wig making

Youth month Human Rights Workshop

Youth Month

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