Food Processing and Preservation Course

“The experience made me realise the worth of life because working with people and being in a space of learning has made me realise that life is too short to be miserable. Gratitude is the best attitude and taking everything that is given to you with great importance” – Food preservation participant.
The Food Processing and Preservation for business course is delivered as a green technical and business skill. The participants are taught and encouraged to recycle and reuse ( we used recycled bottles for this one) items. Furthermore, they will be linked with the urban garden as the long-term idea is for them to learn to preserve what they produce.
No oil is used but lemon, sugar, salt, vinegar, spices and herbs in our food preservation. The course entails cooking (processing) and preserving naturally these five things; fruit/vegetable chutney, fruit canning, tomato relish, vegetable pickling and fruit jam.
Thank you to all the beneficiaries and we wish them all the best in their green business endeavour.

Thank you to Brot für die Welt, The Lutheran World Federation, Terre des hommes, Department of Social Development (Gauteng Province), ELM, The Green Business College and all our funders for making this life-changing experience a possibility.

Outreach Foundation Food Processing Course   Outreach Foundation's Food Processing Course

Migration and Disability Project Johannesburg

A photo of some of the stakeholders that attended the IOM and Outreach Foundation Migration and Disability sensitisation meeting held in Hillbrow It was a full house at the IOM and Outreach Foundation-hosted Migration and Disability sensitisation meeting Outreach Foundation's social workers at the IOM and Outreach Foundation Migration and Disability Project Stakeholders talking with one another and coming up with items to discuss at the IOM Migration and Disability Project














After a very successful stakeholder sensitisation meeting held in Musina, Outreach Foundation and IOM hosted another such meeting in Hillbrow, Johannesburg in March 2022.

Stakeholders from organisations such as Lawyers for Human Rights as well as from hospitals like Rahima Moosa Mother and Child Hospital, the South African Police, Gauteng Health Department attended a sensitisation meeting held regarding migration and disability.

The meeting is the second of its kind regarding the project, with the first held in Musina in February. The Migration and Disability Project is driven by the International Organization for Migration and implemented by Outreach Foundation with funding from the Irish Embassy.

The project seeks to increase the understanding of migration and disability amongst stakeholders such as policymakers, policy influences, media and civil society organisations and the public with the aim of reducing the exclusion of vulnerable persons with disabilities or migrants with disabilities in policies and programmes. The project is implemented in Musina and Johannesburg.

The Outreach Foundation is looking at both internal and external migrants with disabilities as well as other persons with disabilities, specifically in Johannesburg and Musina to assess their situation and what may be needed. The project is currently a pilot one to see if there is indeed a need for an intervention, so the more persons with disabilities or their carers the organisation can talk to, the better.

The various disabilities covered in this project are anyone who has a long-term physical, mental, intellectual, or sensory impairment.

Outreach Foundation is urging persons with disabilities, including migrants with disabilities, or their carers, in the Johannesburg and Musina areas to reach out to its social services department so that a more accurate idea of what is needed for this group can be ascertained.

Contact details for the organisation are, Johannesburg: 011 720 7011 and it is situated at 30 Edith Cavell Street, Hillbrow and its Musina office is situated in the Red Cross Building, Klaff Avenue, Nancefield. Contact our Hillbrow office to get the number for Musina.

IOM website:


Self-awareness course

Self-awareness training takes place before every skills training.

It is done to inspire learners to see things from a different perspective. To see themselves objectively through self-introspection.

The workshop is aimed at empowering learners to become better decision-makers and how to influence positive outcomes in whatever they do.

We equip them with the understanding that they are individuals and they need to be accountable and responsible for all their actions.

For more information about this course, please contact us on or 011 720 7011

What we offer in Pretoria

Outreach Foundation skills develolpment and services

English lessons in Pretoria

In 2021 many people came to Outreach Foundation to learn English through our qualified teacher and this year, the list of those wanting to learn the language continues to grow.

Our first class for the year began on the 31st of January 2021. Although the class has just begun, the students have already learnt so much.

To register for our next class, contact our offices at or phone us on 082 741 7306 or  081 533 7691.

Applications for courses are now open

Bookings for our 2022 classes will begin on the 10th of January. Hurry and book your seat on one of our awesome courses as soon as possible.

For a full list of what’s available at our Hillbrow or Pretoria offices, please contact our reception at


2022 registrations are open

Our rooftop food gardens are growing (Read – expanding!)

Our rooftop food gardens are growing (Read – expanding!)
We now have two hydroponic farms soon to be three! Wonderful to be part of a network that is passionate about greening the inner-city of Johannesburg! A big shout out to Urban Agricultural Initiative and Jozi Housing for gifting Outreach Foundation with two additional farms.
Thank you to Titan Tauru (Lemang Fresh Table) for the care and passion you have brought to our farms and the mentorship you have given Linda Mike Mkhwanazi. And for installing the new farm! A special mention to Frolinah Malaza for her support through the process.
Today, Mike was selling green peppers, chillies and aubergines freshly picked from our soil-based farm.
Thank you to Rand Merchant Bank for generously contributing to this initiative.

Domestic Workers’ training

Outreach Foundation Social Service Department together with LUMA LAW, IZWI Domestic Workers Alliance and HI.D.SA (Hlanganisa Institute for Development in Southern Africa) and a
host of other organisations recently hosted a training for Domestic workers facing violence.

The training aimed to empower women and educate them about their rights as Domestic Workers, especially as a migrant in South Africa.

The two-day workshop covered topics such as the cycle of abuse, what’s in a feeling? Identifying and understanding GBV, unhealthy behaviour, common definitions used for GBV and the Law, different types of GBV and survivor stories, the law: how it works, and why it can be a turn-off, reflections on abuse, understanding the laws around GBV, the criminal justice system, the rape kit, reporting abuse to the police, had protection orders and the legal process.



Domestic workers attending the Outreach Foundation workshop on GBV  Domestic workers attending a workshop by Outreach Foundation








Greenhouse extension

extending the Outreach Foundation rooftop garden 


Our rooftop garden is doing incredibly well. So much so that the Urban Agriculture Initiative gave Outreach Foundation the opportunity to expand it. We will partner with them to feed the agricultural produce demand by Johannesburg’s inner-city communities. We are excited at the prospect of further contributing to food security, skills training and creating awareness of Urban Agriculture. We aim to also sell produce to retailers in the area which will help with our own sustainability efforts.

Welding training in full swing

Welding course at Outreach Foundation        

A class of 15 male and female participants started with their practical training after a week-long training on health and safety.
After three weeks of training, they will then attend Outreach Foundation’s week-long business training.
Once completed, selected individuals will move to Outreach Foundation’s business incubation for further training and support in their business venture.
Thank you to all the funders for ensuring that this training is a success

Exploring environmental sustainability in the beauty industry

Environmental sustainability
We recently hosted a workshop where we explored environmental sustainability in the beauty industry with the Nail technician and Make-up artist trainees.
It was extremely well attended and received. Thank you to Ayanda Jane Mchunu, our gold Youth Development Agency beneficiary and a Masters student at UJ doing research on Environmental Sustainability and Sports tourism for offering this four-hour workshop on the topic for our Beautician participants.
The interactive workshop looked at the beauty industry affects the environment, and how the beauty industry contributes to environmental sustainability/green living. The workshop aimed at equipping the participants with the understanding of their responsibility as future Beauty practitioners to support the wellbeing and health of the natural and built environment.
It is everyone’s responsibility to protect the environment and that most definitely includes the beauty industry.

And we returned to Lichtenburg

We were back in Lichtenburg this week to continue our engagement with teenagers at three schools. It was a very humbling experience listening and engaging with young people who face multiple challenges but are steadfast in finding ways to support each other.
Mooniba Bhyat, founder and director of D.A.R.E., joined us to engage the remainder of the Grade 8 girls at Rekgonne Secondary School. We handed out over 75 washable sanitary packs. Mooniba is now on a mission to encourage communities in the North West province to raise funding enabling local women (and men!) to make washable sanitary pads.
To contribute towards this initiative please contact Mooniba on 0827795090 or Outreach Foundation at
Thank you to Rekgonne Secondary School, Gaetsho High School and Lichtenburg Combined English High School for their trust in us.
Thank you to to Dee Blackie for generously providing training and sharing with us her powerful COURAGE toolkits. We’d also like to thank our donors: Rand Merchant Bank, COURAGE, Bread for the World, ELM, Lutheran World Federation, Abela Trust and Capitec Bank for supporting the Learner Support Programme.

Skills development in Musina

We have started another journey to transfer skills outside of Hillbrow. Today we launched our skills training in Matswale, Musina which is in the northernmost town in the Limpopo province of South Africa. Musina is on the border with Zimbabwe.
About 94 youth attended our 2-hour introduction to business plan workshop, which will be followed by our 3-week long Beautician training for two groups.
Thank you to CWM Childrens’ Home who opened their structural resources to make this a possibility, to the community of Matswale, phase 5, Nancefield and the surrounding areas for embracing this opportunity.
We look forward to more workshops and training in this area going forward.

Plumbing course gets practical

Our plumbing training participants have been learning how to install a hot water geyser at a site in Primrose. There is nothing like practical experience.
Thank you to all our funders and Jeppe College for making a possibility!
The Lutheran World Federation
Brot für die Welt

New offices in Pretoria!

Outreach Foundation’s Pretoria branch has moved; we now have our own premises in the Kutlwanong Democracy Centre, joining multiple like-minded organisations such as CSVR Trauma Clinic; Lawyers for Human Rights; and UNHCR, who like us, are doing essential community work.

We are excited and loving our new space and can’t wait to have more people visit us at the Kutlwanong Democracy Centre situated at 357 Visagie Street, Pretoria.
Outreach Foundation opened our Pretoria office in 2019. Until now, we have been operating from St Peter’s Lutheran Church, where we offered counselling services, basic English lessons and sewing and beautician (Make-up & Nails) courses to the residents of Pretoria.

Now, with our new space, which includes a training and computer room and a large hall and counselling offices, we can continue to offer our great programmes and can now even include a new programme – our Basic Computer course.

A huge thank you to ELM for making this move possible and to t. Peters for an amazing partnership thus far!

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