English classes now finished for 2020

Our English classes have come to an end for the year in Pretoria.

The classes were very well attended as so many people want to learn how to speak, write and read in English.

Classes will continue in 2021.


English classes at Outreach Foundation Students are learning English at the Outreach Foundation

English classes taught by Outreach Foundation

Final touches made to masks for ELM

This week we put the final touches to the masks that were ordered by ELM Hermannsburg.


Making masks

More food donations made in Hillbrow

More food vouchers were handed out to needy families at the Outreach Foundation’s Hillbrow office. The vouchers were kindly donated by Mukuru. Thank you for helping us make a difference in people’s lives!


Distribution of food vouchers from Mukuru

Ladies receive much-needed food vouchers from Outreach Foundation donated by Mukuru

Food donations by Outreach Foundation and Mukuru

The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked substantial damage to human lives and South Africa’s economy. The measures used to try to curtail the effect of the pandemic such as the lockdown, has, unfortunately, worsened the income inequalities that characterise the country’s economy.

Vulnerable populations such as low-income earners in the informal sector have been most affected by job losses and the resulting income loss. The loss of jobs and income is likely to result in reduced ability to access healthcare and a nutritious diet. This, in turn, will negatively impact on people’s health ~ Source: The Conversation, Academic Rigour, journalist flair, August 23, 2020.

Even though the Government has put in measures such as social relief assistance to try and assist individuals who have been negatively affected by COVID-19, not all individuals qualify for the funding.

Fortunately, companies like Mukuru have found ways to assist those who do not qualify for Government funding. Through the Outreach Foundation, it gave 300 food vouchers to those who qualified for this assistance.

We are thankful to Mukuru for their contribution which enabled us to assist those who are vulnerable during this time.


Here are a few photographs of those who received food through this incredible initiative!



Mukuru donates food

Mukuru is a new donor

Outreach Foundation distributes food through food vouchers given by Mukuru

Mukuru gives food vouchers to Outreach



Thank you Mukuru!

Logo for Outreach Foundation's new donor, Mukuru





Our plumbing class has begun

Plumbing classes at Outreach Foundation


The students have been working on the basics, they are now going into the bathroom and learning how to do plumbing in that space.

From before:

We recently completed our bricklaying course, and now we have begun our plumbing course.

Students eagerly watch the teacher as he shows them what to do.

Students are learning how to plumb at Outreach FoundationPlumbing course at Outreach FoundationPlumbing at the Outreach Foundation

Welcome to our new FirstRand FirstJob Interns!

We are very pleased to introduce our new interns thanks to FirstRand’s FirstJob initiative. These young people will get an opportunity to gain skills and experience so that they can enter the job market going forward.

Seven carefully selected Youth start at Outreach Foundation as Interns





Our sincere thanks to Woodoc Krugersdorp!


A huge thank you to Woodoc in Krugersdorp for the wonderful donation of paint for our deck. We are in the process of fixing it after the sun and loads of feet have damaged it quite a bit.

You rock Karin – and so do the rest of your team!











Donation received from Woodoc

Thanks for the donation!

Outreach Foundation received bulk sanitary ware from Hillbrow SAPS. They donated the goods as they refer shelter and repatriation assistance cases to us.

SAPS donates sanitary pads           SAPS donates sanitary pads

GBV and empowerment workshops

Outreach Foundation facilitated gender-based violence and empowerment workshops. One workshop was with a group of men and the second, with mixed-gender. The workshops took place at the Johannesburg Housing Company.

Gender-based violence workshops


Children are dying because they are migrants

COVID-19 has, unfortunately, shown us how many gaps there are in the Children’s Act of 2005, which is meant to provide all children in South Africa with basic rights.

As per the South African Constitution’s Bill of Rights, section 28, all children in South Africa are entitled to several rights such, as basic nutrition, shelter, basic health care services and social services, as well as to be protected from maltreatment, neglect, abuse or degradation to name a few.

According to Outreach Foundation’s programme manager for the counselling department, Ethel Munyai, this Act certainly does not cover migrant children.

“I am totally despondent as these rights are just on paper but not actioned. We work with migrants in South Africa and a case we recently came across involved four children who were malnourished due to their parents being unable to work and earn an income during the COVID-19 lockdown.

“I was pushed from pillar to post as no one wanted to help.

“I approached several agencies that deal with children’s welfare, and even they were not interested, which really surprised me.

“These four children are just a few of thousands who are battling to survive.

“I eventually found out that the children have to be moved into temporary safe care, which is court-sanctioned, before people will even think of stepping in and this is not a quick process.”

Munyai said that she eventually managed to find a hospital that agreed to assess the children’s health.

“One of the children was immediately admitted as her situation was so serious, and the other two children will receive out-patient care and were taken to a shelter. But for the one child, it was too late.

“My heart breaks for that child and his parents. I cannot believe that he had to die because he comes from a migrant family. He was born in South Africa, but they battled to get him registered.”

According to Munyai, the situation for migrants in South Africa is dire, especially during this time.

“COVID-19 has been bad for everyone in the country, but for migrants, it has other consequences such as being unable to sort their papers out. This makes it hard for them to access health care or employment.

“The consequences of not being able to sort their documentation out results in situations like this, where children are affected and are dying.

“All children, whether they are South African or not should be afforded the rights that are stated in the Act, but that’s not happening.

“They say you can judge a country by the way they treat their children. If that is the case, we are a sad, sad country. I wish for the day that all children in this country are treated equally and are given the opportunity to live a good and healthy life.”

The Outreach Foundation Counselling Centre has provided essential mental health services and support to migrants and South Africans in Johannesburg and Pretoria before and during the pandemic.

Thousands of children are dying because of red tape with regard to migrants
Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

Gift of the Givers as well as the aged, the visually impaired & a children’s home, get much-needed masks

Gift of the Givers receive masks from Outreach Foundation

More than 5,700 masks were donated over the past month to organisations, homes and individuals in Johannesburg by Hillbrow-based non-profit organisation, Outreach Foundation.

Since the organisation was allowed to resume work during lockdown 4, it has made more than 21,500 masks.

Over 9,000 masks have been donated to several organisations, schools and individuals by Outreach Foundation in its bid to help others stay safe during this scary time.

During the first weeks of July,  it donated 80 masks to Cyrildene Primary School, 300 masks to Tswelopele Frail Care, a nursing home in Hillbrow, 200 masks to the Johannesburg Society for the blind, 50 masks to Twilight Children’s Home in Hillbrow and hundreds more to migrants and individuals in Pretoria as well as in Hillbrow.

On Mandela Day, 18 July 2020, Outreach Foundation’s staff walked around High Point in Hillbrow, and distributed 200 masks to those who were without as well as to the needy living on the streets.

During the last week of July, the organisation donated a further 5,000 masks to Gift of the Givers Foundation, which is the largest disaster response non-governmental organisation of African origin. Allauddin Sayed of Gift of the Givers was overjoyed at the donation stating that the masks would go a long way in helping people during this time.

The rest of the masks were donated in the months before, and more masks will be donated going forward.

The Outreach Foundation would like to thank the ELM Hermannsburg and Bread for the World for their generous donations which allowed the organisation to help so many people.

If you would like to assist us in reaching more people with masks, food, or counselling, please purchase a mask from us or donate. Go to our website outreachfoundation.co.za/wp/donate/ or email us on orders@outreachfoundation.co.za or call us on 011 720 7011.

Outreach Foundation donated masks to Tswelepele Nursing Home
Outreach Foundation donated masks to the homeless and other needy people

80 more masks donated

Outreach Foundation donated 80 masks to Cyrildene Primary School

We have donated 80 masks to Cyrildene Primary school.

Over the past year, our social worker intern helped the children at the school with a number of issues. We just needed to give back some more.

Thanks to all our amazing donors who have helped us help others!

If you would like to donate so that we can assist more people, please click here

Thank you to Arrowhead Properties Ltd!

We would like to extend a great big THANK YOU to Arrowhead Properties Ltd for their very generous donation.

They contributed towards the Food Walk initiative spearheaded by Monique Dalka. (Thanks again Monique!)

If you’d like to help us by donating, you can use the following QR code

or go to our donations page for more information

Photo by Courtney Hedger on Unsplash

Yet more burglaries at Outreach Foundation

As the country heads towards 100 days of lockdown due to COVID-19 and more sectors are opened for business, there is one form of business that has not stopped, even during lockdown phase 5: burglary!

Since lockdown began, which is in its 96th day today (29 June 2020), the Outreach Foundation has been hit with four burglaries. Two of which happened in the last seven days.

Last week several of the organisation’s solar panels were stolen. Over the weekend, yet more panels were stolen.

“In addition to the loss of the solar panels, the damage done to our property when the thieves take them is crippling. We are at our wits end!” says Robert Michel, Executive Director of Outreach Foundation.

Each loss experienced by the organisation takes a hit on the funds it would use to help the communities it serves.

“It also impacts each employee in the organisation,” says Michel.

“Many companies and organisations are closing down due to the economic losses experienced during the lockdown, and we are not immune to this. Although we are a not for profit organisation, we rely on funds to come in from companies and other donors. When they battle, it impacts us. Every cent we receive has to be carefully managed. Continued losses through burglaries could cause retrenchments.

“We urge those who wish to rob us to consider the hundreds of people that will be affected by their actions!”

Great news!

Our computer classes have resumed under strict COVID-19 protocols.

Computer classes have begun at Outreach Foundation again under strict COVID-19 regulations.

More great news!

A new bricklaying course will start at the end of June 2020 – also under strict COVID-19 protocols.

Bricklaying will start at Outreach Foundation at the end of June 2020.

Temporarily closedCOVID-19 3rd wave

Due to the extremely high daily infection rates in Gauteng at the moment, all Outreach Foundation activities will be suspended from the 24th of June 2021 until further notice.

Should you have any queries, please contact us via info@outreachfoundation.co.za.

Please take care: wear your mask, social distance, wash your hands regularly and stay away from super spreader events and enclosed spaces with a lot of people.

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