Stories of Hillbrow – More than a Single Story

2019-07-12 10:05:58


Outreach Foundation and the Royal Central School of Speech & Drama (University of London) are delighted to announce their plans for our Youth Day Event: June 15, 2019, co-run event celebrating alternative stories to Hillbrow:

Stories of Hillbrow – More than a Single Story

Shifting narratives of Hillbrow by placing young people and women at the centre of the storytelling.

We extend a warm welcome to you and your family to attend our celebratory event showcasing work from our projects, run in partnership with the Royal Central School of Speech & Drama, University of London.

We invite you to come and engage with our performance-making and our digital stories, take part in a panel conversation dialogue, chaired by Mwenya B. Kabwe (a Johannesburg based, Zambian theatre maker, lecturer and mother), to consider alternative narratives of Hillbrow, and to share a meal with us at the close of the event.

This year we have been working with practitioners from the Royal Central School of Speech & Drama exploring digital storytelling as a means of celebrating alternative narratives of living and being in Hillbrow. Entitled Extraordinary, Ordinary Women, we have explored the role can digital storytelling can play in exploring forgotten histories of women and communities. We have worked with Outreach Foundation members and their extended families and communities to create a series of short films and digital stories to share.

We have continued our partnership with the Ward 21 Clinic at the Wits RHI Centre which begun in 2018, with a building of a sharing of practice and an exploration of young people’s health rights in Hillbrow. This year, we are working with young people from St Edna’s Secondary School and Barnato Park High School, alongside emerging practitioners from Royal Central and in collaboration with students from the Market Theatre Laboratory to interrogate ideas about what it means to be a young person living in Hillbrow and how to enact your health rights.

Finally, the making of Sounds Like You and Me has been a reflective and inspiring journey for the cast of young and old from Outreach Foundation and Tswelopele Frail Centre. As a group we are undaunted and believe in using our voice, imagination and actions to respond to our complex history and social questions (10 minute extract).

We will then hold an open discussion between panellists and the audience about shifting narratives of Hillbrow, before moving to the Rooftop Theatre Deck to share food with the option of participating in a dance workshop. Skotsifontain, a local dance project, promises to get us all up and dancing their unique version of Bhengu.


10.30am – Performative welcome

11am – start of the performances and film premieres (Hillbrow Theatre)

11.45am – Panel Discussion: Chaired by Mwenya B. Kabwe

12.30 – food and dancing – A Bhengu dance workshop by local dance company Skotsifontein (Rooftop Deck)

Location: Outreach Foundation, 30 Edith Cavell Street, Hillbrow

For more information contact:

Erica Lüttich

Kat Low

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