Christian and Simon volunteer at the Outreach Foundation


We welcome our new German volunteers, Simon Lotz and Christian Niebuhr,  who will work within the organisation and volunteer to the programmes that need some assistance.

We hope that your year with us will be an exciting and enriching experience.


"Hello, my name is Simon and I'm working in the Outreach Foundation as a Volunteer. I come from Germany. I moved to South Africa in August 2018, and I will stay and work here for a year. In the Morning hours I work in the Computer centre and in the Afternoon, you can find me in the Youth centre. I have a lot of fun at the Outreach Foundation, and I am looking forward to meeting more people and becoming friends with them."Outreach Foundation's volunteer, Simon Lotz

"Hello, my Name is Christian Niebuhr, I'm from Germany and I work in the Outreach Foundation as a volunteer for one year. I started in August 2018 and a few weeks in I decided to work in the Counselling centre in the mornings and in the Music centre in the afternoons. I´m really excited to get to know new people, explore new places and become more of an independent person. In my spare time, I like to draw, spend time with my friends and play or listen to music. I look forward to an exciting and impactful year in Hillbrow with positive as well negative, but important new memories.”
Outreach Foundation's volunteer Christian Niebuhr