Hillbrow Walk Outreach Foundation

Outreach Foundation hosted #JoziWalks on May 19 and May 20 2018.

Gerard Bester of Outreach Foundation, Flo Bird of Johannesburg Heritage Foundation and the youth of the Outreach Foundation Hillbrow Theatre Project took people on  a walk around Hillbrow.

Led by the youth of the Outreach Foundation Hillbrow Theatre Project, the walk presents the experiences and perspectives of Hillbrow’s young residents about growing up and living in Hillbrow, asking the question “Is Hillbrow home?”.

Maverick Johannesburg Heritage activist Flo Bird, added her wealth of knowledge about Hillbrow’s landmark heritage buildings to the walk to bring together a #JoziWalks experience that pays tribute to the neighbourhood’s heritage and its contemporary realities as well as combining elements of theatre and performance.

This #JoziWalk offered attendees an opportunity to experience this notorious neighbourhood through the eyes of its youth.

Some pics: