Who are we?

The migrant support unit of the Outreach Foundation aims to assist those seeking a better life through their difficult journey of settling into South Africa, as well as providing support on past troubles they may have encountered in their homelands. We hope to combat xenophobia and unfairness and provide counselling to those affected.

Migrants often face a difficult time in their homelands forcing them no other option but to leave and seek refuge in South Africa. At the Outreach Foundation, we believe in providing care and counselling to those in need and offering them a safe haven in which to express themselves.

Xenophobia is traumatic and is an experience which no one should have to undertake. We hope to prevent xenophobia and all other forms of abuse that destroy the moral fibre of society.

Counsellor’s code of conduct 

Our counsellors work to a code of conduct, a practical tool and internal compass that guides all our volunteers, part-time and full-time employees. It is underpinned by an emphasis on our commitment to maintaining a high standard in our ethical and professional approach as counsellors; a high priority on confidentiality, protection of human rights; and offering a professional service to the community.

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Our Goals

We strive to:

Provide a safe healing environment

Combat xenophobia

Our Team:

Kefiloe Pitso

-Assessment Officer

Sizwe Bottoman

-Assistant Counsellor

Johan Robyn

-Programme Manager

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