Who are we?

The impact of violence, abuse and dysfunctional families on a diverse urban society like Hillbrow, can be very traumatic and leave lifelong scars of deeply-rooted emotional wounds in the heart of an individual and the community. We, as the Counselling, Care and Support Unit, and as part of the Outreach Foundation, contribute positively towards the prevention of violence and abuse through restoring the moral fibre of society by providing counselling, advocacy, capacity building, community-based research and the provision of a mental ‘safe space’.

Part of the Community Outreach initiative is Counselling, Care and Support interventions that are provided to the participants in our programmes and the community at large.

These initiatives include the following:

  • Case Management – Managing clients individual development plans (IDP);
  • Counselling – Providing regular debriefing sessions, group work therapy to victims of violence, abuse, trauma and bereavement;
  • Pre-rehab intervention – Family reunification, admission to drug treatment centres, and aftercare;
  • Community Awareness – Provide awareness campaigns on issues affecting the community; and
  • Migrant Support initiative – To specifically provide counselling to migrants at risk.

The process of care:

Step 1: Every client is individually assessed by a counsellor worker.

Step2: Intervention decided upon together by the client and counsellor (IDP).

Step3: Exit strategy of the client.

Step4: Follow up.

Counselling is provided in a safe space of care.

Counsellor’s code of conduct 

Our counsellors work to a code of conduct, a practical tool and internal compass that guides all our volunteers, part-time and full-time employees. It is underpinned by an emphasis on our commitment to maintaining a high standard in our ethical and professional approach as counsellors; a high priority on confidentiality, protection of human rights; and offering a professional service to the community.

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Our Goals

We strive to:

Develop family reunification

Provide counselling and support in a safe environment

Undergo weekly street outreaches

Our Team:

Shoki Chuene


Sizwe Savale


Ethel Munyai

-Social Services Manager

Ndidzulafhi Tshinyani


Charity Khumalo

-Intern - Social Auxiliary Worker

Evah Motha

-Social Worker

Dikeledi Makgobatlou

-Social Worker

Nai Serapa


On Our Blog:

New offices in Pretoria!

Outreach Foundation’s Pretoria branch has moved; we now have our own premises in the Kutlwanong Democracy Centre, joining multiple like-minded organisations such as CSVR Trauma Clinic; Lawyers for Human Rights; and UNHCR, who like us, are doing essential community work.

We are excited and loving our new space and can’t wait to have more people visit us at the Kutlwanong Democracy Centre situated at 357 Visagie Street, Pretoria.
Outreach Foundation opened our Pretoria office in 2019. Until now, we have been operating from St Peter’s Lutheran Church, where we offered counselling services, basic English lessons and sewing and beautician (Make-up & Nails) courses to the residents of Pretoria.

Now, with our new space, which includes a training and computer room and a large hall and counselling offices, we can continue to offer our great programmes and can now even include a new programme – our Basic Computer course.

A huge thank you to ELM for making this move possible and to t. Peters for an amazing partnership thus far!


Human Rights Workshop

Let’s talk about it!
On June 4th 2021, we held a Human Rights Workshop. It had a tremendous turnout!
The workshop delved deep into topics of migration; human rights & responsibilities; the host country; social integration & cohesion; xenophobia; peacebuilding and adaptation.
There was much engagement and all that attended had tons of fun!
Thank you so much to all the organisers of this event and a special thank you to all who were able to join us! Your support is much appreciated!

Human Rights workshop



More food donations made in Hillbrow

More food vouchers were handed out to needy families at the Outreach Foundation’s Hillbrow office. The vouchers were kindly donated by Mukuru. Thank you for helping us make a difference in people’s lives!


Distribution of food vouchers from Mukuru

Ladies receive much-needed food vouchers from Outreach Foundation donated by Mukuru

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