Our Goals:

We strive to give the community a safe haven in which they can express their feelings and work through their traumas in order to continue living a fruitful life. We hope to become the backbone for the community by offering support to those who need it and developing the self-esteem and emotional strength of our beneficiaries.

Our Programmes:

Migrant Support

The migrant support unit of the Outreach Foundation aims to assist those seeking a better life through their difficult journey of settling into South Africa, as well as providing support on past troubles they may have encountered in their homelands. We hope to combat xenophobia and unfairness and provide counselling to those affected.


The impact of violence, abuse and dysfunctional families on a diverse urban society like Hillbrow, can be very traumatic and leave lifelong scars of deeply-rooted emotional wounds in the heart of an individual and the community. We, as the Counselling, Care and Support Unit, and as part of the Outreach Foundation, contribute positively towards the prevention of violence and abuse through restoring the moral fibre of society by providing counselling, advocacy, capacity building, community-based research and the provision of a mental 'safe space'.

Substance Abuse Referral

We offer tailored support to those who suffer from substance abuse and those who are affected by friends or family suffering from substance abuse. We believe that everyone deserves support and that everyone has a future. We hope to offer support to those going through this difficult journey.

Temporarily closedCOVID-19 3rd wave

Due to the extremely high daily infection rates in Gauteng at the moment, all Outreach Foundation activities will be suspended from the 24th of June 2021 until further notice.

Should you have any queries, please contact us via info@outreachfoundation.co.za.

Please take care: wear your mask, social distance, wash your hands regularly and stay away from super spreader events and enclosed spaces with a lot of people.

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