Who are we?

Our sewing project is unique in Hillbrow. Through arts education, skills development and creative programming, the project enables young people and adults to find economic opportunities, develop skills and social support in the city. Men, women and youth create artistic products and crafts while learning key life skills to address the social, financial, emotional and personal complexities of their daily lives.

Outreach Foundation operates on the intersection between arts education, income generation, skills development and contemporary art production.

Through the years, many of the artists/crafters have exhibited and participated in art fairs, competitions and exhibitions and have collaborated in the international artistic arena thanks to the skills learnt at Outreach Foundation.



Stitching together communities

For Sewing, we use the arts as a way of communicating with one another, with extending creative expression through public participation. Products and artwork are handmade through embroidering, weaving or knitting/crochet. Many of the projects are collaborative and emphasize collective healing, memory and restoring relationships to the land or communities.

Giving expression to social responsibility

Artist/crafters explore different art-making methods to express their needs and concerns about their social contexts pertinent to living in Hillbrow. By giving voice to what happens in their immediate surrounds, people are more likely to care, engage with the Global Village and be empowered to take action in their daily lives.

Excellence, self-worth and value

Sewing strives for creative excellence, facilitating communication within communities in Gauteng and South Africa. The project uses the arts to nurture self-worth that enables product development, which in turn supports product sales and income. This facilitates economic independence and combats poverty in an incremental way for participants.

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Our Goals

We strive to:

Develop creative excellence

Combat poverty

Build self-worth

Promote social and environmental responsibility

Enable community regeneration

Connect city artists with rural environments

Create educational opportunities

Meet the Team:

Johan Robyn

-Programme Manager

Naledzani Matshinge


Mary Mawela


On Our Blog:

Final touches made to masks for ELM

This week we put the final touches to the masks that were ordered by ELM Hermannsburg.


Making masks


Outreach working hard

Outreach Foundation is working hard to complete an order for 11 handmade, beaded lampshades before it closes for the holiday season. 


Training Courses

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