Our training

These trainings are aimed at women empowerment and support. The trainings comprise of sewing and beautician training including

  • Nail technician training
  • Make-up and eyelashes training
  • Hair and wig-making training
  • Basic machine use – sewing
  • industrial machine use – sewing
  • shirt and skirt-making



The beautician training commenced in 2020 and received an instant response from our participants. The training is aimed at equipping the participants with a skill that gives them an opportunity to start up their mobile or pop-up salons.

The sewing training enables young people and adults to find economic opportunities, and develop skills and social support in the city.

The training in basic machine use, industrial machine use, and skirt and shirt making acts as n entry into the world of creativity and clothing making. This facilitates economic independence and combats poverty in an incremental way for participants.

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Our Goals

We strive to:

Develop creative excellence

Combat poverty

Build self-worth

Promote social and environmental responsibility

Enable community regeneration

Connect city artists with rural environments

Create educational opportunities

Meet the Team:

Wiseman Ngobese

-Skills Training Manager

Mary Mawela


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