Business Incubation

Incubation/ small business support is part of the skills development training. It is key to the strategy to empower participants to enter into the informal economy as a means to become economically independent.

It is a multiple disciplinary process to equip youth between the ages of 18-35 years with practical skills in business, financial literacy, and life skills to become economically independent. We understand the complicated world of business and entrepreneurship and have identified key challenges for small businesses in South Africa. We assist unemployed young people through motivation, mentorship, support, and the following skills; effective financial management, legal and statutory requirements, business monitoring, and marketing strategies in a professional environment.

Incubation is being provided for selected students who have graduated from the following courses:

  1. Nails and Beauty;
  2. Vocational (Paving, Tiling, Plumbing & Carpentry);
  3. Sewing and Design;
  4. Food Preparation; and
  5. Urban Agriculture.

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Our Goals

We strive to:

Teach valuable craft skills

Combat poverty

Provide a safe environment

Develop a sense of community

Johan Robyn

-Business Incubation Manager

Maqawe Phale

-Intern - Business Incubation

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