Who are we?

We develop technical and practical skills through the making of items. This allows those less fortunate the ability to learn how to sustain themselves using the skills taught. Our practical programme hopes to combat poverty and drug abuse through teaching skills needed to get people back on their feet as well as by providing a social environment where people can express themselves freely while bonding with other members of the community.

Artisanal skills are the backbone of a low-income nation. Through artisanal skills many families are able to support themselves and provide for their children while practising their art form and creating exquisite pieces. We hope to create a safe environment where members of the community can come and bond while learning new ways to craft. This will, in turn, help combat crime and poverty while improving the overall well being of our members. Our latest skills development scheme was our bricklaying course which taught valuable skills to the community in hopes of broadening their job opportunities and increasing their quality of work.

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Our Goals

We strive to:

Teach valuable craft skills

Combat poverty

Provide a safe environment

Develop a sense of community

Our Team:

Johan Robyn

-Programme Manager

On Our Blog:

Our plumbing class has begun

Plumbing classes at Outreach Foundation


The students have been working on the basics, they are now going into the bathroom and learning how to do plumbing in that space.

From before:

We recently completed our bricklaying course, and now we have begun our plumbing course.

Students eagerly watch the teacher as he shows them what to do.

Students are learning how to plumb at Outreach FoundationPlumbing course at Outreach FoundationPlumbing at the Outreach Foundation


Creating opportunities one nail at a time

The Outreach Foundation nail course started in the middle of February 2020. It is the first course of its kind the organisation has offered, and the response has been incredible. Both men and women registered for the Introduction to Nail Technician course.

Run over five weeks, the course not only deals with manicures, pedicures, acrylics and gel but also covers other compulsory subjects. These subjects include the introduction to entrepreneurship, introduction to financial literacy, basic computers, leadership development as well as self-awareness and job preparedness. The compulsory subjects are part of each of the new courses the organisation now offers.

According to Johan Robyn, Outreach Foundation’s skills development programme manager, the new courses the organisation now offers, such as this one, is aimed at improving the employability for job seekers and those interested in entrepreneurship. 

“We felt that we needed to do something to help the many unemployed in our country. During our assessments with the people who come into our premises, we identified several courses that they felt would be helpful in either starting their own company or assisting them in getting a job.

“The response to this course shows us that our decision to offer it was a good one. And at the end of the course, those who wish to start their own nail business will go through our one-month entrepreneurial incubation hub where they will get mentorship, supervision, social media training and more. We aim to help start-ups as much as we can.”

The nail course trainer, Nicole Kisimba Nkulu, is no stranger to the industry or training. She has extensive experience not only with nails but as a beauty therapist. She worked in a salon and worked on the Refugee Children’s Project in 2018, where she taught some of the people how to do nails.

“I’m very excited to teach at Outreach Foundation. It is a really good course. It helps people live and survive as they get skills which help them start their own business. The course will encourage them to look at ways to use their skills such as renting space in a salon which will give them access to clients and a safe environment.”

Robyn said that Outreach Foundation would hopefully also offer a make-up course soon, which goes well with the nail course.

“If students complete both courses, the beauty entrepreneurs will be able to offer a full beauty service at weddings, parties and more. And if they do the sewing and fashion design courses, they will have even more to offer!”

Those interested in the next intake of the nail course or any of the other courses offered should contact Outreach Foundation on 011 720 7011 or email info@outreachfoundation.co.za.

The other courses Outreach Foundation offers are an introduction to sewing and fashion design; basic computer course; introduction to bricklaying; introduction to plastering; introduction to welding; introduction to carpentry; introduction to plumbing; point of sale; food preparation; introduction to urban farming and introduction to English. To view the training course pamphlet, go to www.outreachfoundation.co.za.


Outreach working hard

Outreach Foundation is working hard to complete an order for 11 handmade, beaded lampshades before it closes for the holiday season. 

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