Who are we?

We develop technical and practical skills through the making of items. This allows those less fortunate the ability to learn how to sustain themselves using the skills taught. Our practical programme hopes to combat poverty and drug abuse through teaching skills needed to get people back on their feet as well as by providing a social environment where people can express themselves freely while bonding with other members of the community.

Artisanal skills are the backbone of a low-income nation. Through artisanal skills many families are able to support themselves and provide for their children while practising their art form and creating exquisite pieces. We hope to create a safe environment where members of the community can come and bond while learning new ways to craft. This will, in turn, help combat crime and poverty while improving the overall well being of our members. Our latest skills development scheme was our bricklaying course which taught valuable skills to the community in hopes of broadening their job opportunities and increasing their quality of work.

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Our Goals

We strive to:

Teach valuable craft skills

Combat poverty

Provide a safe environment

Develop a sense of community

Our Team:

Johan Robyn

-Programme Manager

On Our Blog:

Outreach working hard

Outreach Foundation is working hard to complete an order for 11 handmade, beaded lampshades before it closes for the holiday season. 


Training Courses


International Quilting Festival