Our Goals:

Through our programmes, we hope to see increased employability of our beneficiaries allowing them to live a well-rounded self-sustaining life. We aim to combat poverty at its core through providing education and skills. These training programmes are at the heart of Outreach Foundation's goal of community development.

Our Programmes:

Computer skills

The Computer Centre started in June 2007 just as a project. It has since undergone an extensive change in both the staff component as well as in the computer hardware department. At present, it accommodates 20 students per class, 6 classes per week. The Computer Centre offers basic computer skills from beginners to advanced level. Due to the demand for the courses and the fact that space is limited, students have to complete registration forms and go through a screening process. At the end of their tuition period, students write exams and are awarded certificates.

Artisinal Skills

We develop technical and practical skills through the making of items. This allows those less fortunate the ability to learn how to sustain themselves using the skills taught. Our practical programme hopes to combat poverty and drug abuse through teaching skills needed to get people back on their feet as well as by providing a social environment where people can express themselves freely while bonding with other members of the community.

Training Kitchen

At the training kitchen, we teach others how to cook healthy and nutritional meals. We believe that affordable eating is attainable and that everyone should have a meal. Hunger and malnutrition throughout South Africa is an inexcusable human right we strive to fill. Through cooking, we believe we can strengthen community bonds, replenish families, teach valuable life skills and increase our beneficiaries' chances of gaining employment, as well as help combat starvation and malnutrition in poverty-stricken areas.


Sewing is a unique project in Hillbrow. Through arts education, skills development and creative programming, the project enables young people and adults to find economic opportunities, develop skills and social support in the city. Men, women and youth create artistic products and crafts while learning key life skills to address the social, financial, emotional and personal complexities of their daily lives. Sewing operates on the intersection between arts education, income generation, skills development and contemporary art production. Through the years, many of the artists/crafters have exhibited and participated in art fairs, competitions and exhibitions and have collaborated in the international artistic arena thanks to the skills learnt at Outreach Foundation.

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