Who are we?

The Outreach Foundation has always offered school learner support but has, in 2021, launched its new initiative: an in-school learner support programme and interactive life skills workshops for schools in the inner-city of Johannesburg and beyond.

We now only work with youth aged 14 and above.

Various learner support programmes are offered at schools giving learners support in a range of subjects. In addition, motivational workshops are done on leadership and “Courage”, a child protection community mapping methodology (www.couragechildprotection.com).

The inequalities and underperformance of South Africa’s education system, and failings of the Department of Basic Education over the last 27 years denies children and youth their basic right to a decent education. Our project has revealed a deeply flawed education system and Outreach Foundation aims to provide academic support to learners in schools in vulnerable and economically deprived areas and communities.

Post-Matric Journey Assistance Programme

As part of our life-skills programme, we have also designed a Post Matric Journey Assistance Programme for grade 9s, 11s and 12s. The programme aims to help learners with the registration process and bursary and funding applications for university, college and other tertiary institutions. In addition, we help learners choose the right subjects based on their dreams for the future and assist learners who cannot afford tertiary education or consider taking a gap year, with information.

Leadership workshop

We conduct workshops with class monitors and prefect bodies focussing and reflecting on team building, active listening, empathy, self-worth, what it is to be a leader/role model, identity, human rights, and creativity.

All workshops are supported by a social worker who helps learners deal with difficult issues after the workshops.

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Our Goals

We strive to:

Provide a safe haven

Promote education

Build a strong mental foundation

Spread joy

Our Team:

Gerard Bester

-Community Outreach Manager

On Our Blog:

Leadership and Courage Child Protection Workshops in Lichtenburg

Leadership and Courage Child Protection Workshops in Lichtenburg at two schools
During the week of the 7th July 2021, Outreach Foundation conducted workshops in Lichtenburg at the Gaetsho Secondary School.
Nelereng Moale (FirstRand First Job intern) and Gerard Bester conducted the workshops to an inspiring group of Grade 9 and 10 class monitors at the school.
A great time was had and the children really enjoyed themselves.
We’d like to thank Mr Modikwe (Principal) and Mr Tau (Teacher) for your trust and support. Also, to EM Phadi (Chief executive officer at Department of Education North West – his unofficial title at the school, for connecting us to the principal.
Thank you again to community champion, Mametsi Mabel Mathembo, for joining us at the Courage workshop.
We were so gifted by the learners – we had a surprise performance by three learners who blew us away with their talent and passion.
Thank you to Bread for the World and ELM for their generous support.
Nelereng and Gerard also conducted the Courage Workshops for grade 10’s 11’s and 12’s at Rekgonne Secondary School in Lichtenburg.
They had a great time and so did the children. The powerful Courage toolkit inspires young people to vision and action a future that holds both hope and inspiration for a better world.
A big shout out to a community champion, Mametsi Mabel Mathembo, for going the extra mile – for organising schools and being part of the workshops. Her engagement with the learners by engaging in her own story was truly inspirational.
We’d like to thank the school, and convey a special thank you to Ms Duka, for trusting us to work with her learners.
We met some truly inspiring learners who deserve enabling environments to fulfil their dreams. Thanks to the learners who were so engaged and focused. Thank you!
Outreach Foundation at Rekgonne Secondary School     

New Books

A huge thank you to Gemma Black and Kyanne Smith for the selection of amazing books for the Outreach Foundation! Thank you too to Sophie Bilas, Helen Baldwin, Georgia Mallory and Claudia Martinez for helping raise money to fund this wonderful initiative.
Yay! to the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama honours group who did such amazing work with us this year. We were hoping Gemma and Kyanne would return this year to help lead a new partnership with the Speech and Drama College, South Africa – we still hope they will join us next year.
Next year the Outreach Foundation’s performing arts programme with engage published texts for the first time in partnership with the Speech and Drama College. Watch this space!


Leader’s Getaway

We recently held a kids week for our staff and youth leaders with the goal of reinventing the program and revitalizing our methods in order to give our children the best experience possible.

What we most spoke about was the fact that Kids Week has been running the same way for 20 years and now we feel like its time for change.

We came up with kids week themes for the coming 3 kids weeks from now and we worked on and discussed the project sustainability of kids week as a whole. Leaders received different topics and we all tackled them with open minds.

The sessions were very progressive and we cant wait for them to be developed and implemented. Watch this space.

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