Who are we?

The Youth Center officially opened to the public in October 2013 as an initiative of the Outreach Foundation. The Day Vision youth centre was started by young people in the community of Hillbrow who felt the need to bring the youth together and a place for young people to come relax and also acquire skills that will help them in their personal development. The main aim of the youth centre is to educate and empower the youth of Hillbrow, to instil positive values amongst the youth, to help unlock their potential and furthermore contribute towards their inner healing. The centre also has a social worker who deals personal issues affected by the youth. In order to make contact with young people and create a safe meeting space, the centre was established to encourages the youth to be more open-minded and allow themselves to broaden their horizon in their way of thinking and approach to life.

Youth Centre Programmes

The youth centre programs are established to provide educational lifelong skills and the opportunity to embrace their true identity of who they are and their capabilities as young people with great potentials. Presently it offers a number of programmes run on the property from Monday to Saturday which are:


  • Computers for school going kids
  • Leadership development programme
  • Hip Hop dance


  • Maths
  • Hip Hop dance


  • Arts
  • Leadership development programme


  • Spelling Bee


  • Youth Dialogue
  • Hip Hop dance


  • Tutoring and revision
  • Hip Hop dance

As well as homework support , CV typing and job applications assistance throughout the week

The youth centre opens at 12pm and closes at 5:30pm.


Kids Week

During the school holidays in Gauteng, we notice a lot more children around the community of Hillbrow. There are few play areas available and the children end up playing on the streets which is dangerous. In 1998 the Outreach Foundation decided to fill the gap by hosting the Hillbrow Kids week program which provides holistic basic services to the inner-city children of Hillbrow (and beyond). For the past 18 years, this initiative has developed into a flagship of innovative, creative and developmental strategies with a strong focus on child development activities.

Since its inception 18 years ago, the Hillbrow kids’ week initiative has become a household brand and it operates during the first week of the major Gauteng school holidays for children aged between 6-13 and also 14-18 years old. During the week, the children are guided through Bible stories, play fun games and participate in other recreational activities such as life skills workshops. These workshops include subjects like sex education, drug awareness, care and support.

Kids Week attracts more than 300 children each holiday. Around 80 helpers work on Kids Week with our staff.


Library and ICT Centre

We are now able to provide a safe productive space for young people and the unemployed youth to go to read books, research topics, and learn more through our Library and ICT Centre, made possible through a donation from the Vodacom Foundation.

Although Outreach Foundation has the Computer Centre, classes are run regularly and the children and unemployed youth are unable to spend a lot of time there accessing the internet for projects and to send emails for job applications and more. Our ICT Centre bridges that gap and creates as space for them to connect with the world.

We have received a lot of books for the library, so are no longer looking for donations. We are very thankful to all who have generously donated to the library. The only kind of books we will now take are educational books such as those used in schools. Each book added to our beautiful library is an opportunity for a child to learn.

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Our Goals

We strive to:

Provide a safe haven

Promote education

Build a strong mental foundation

Spread joy

Our Team:

Wiseman Ngobese

-Programme Manager

Gerard Bester

-Programme Manager

On Our Blog:

New Books

A huge thank you to Gemma Black and Kyanne Smith for the selection of amazing books for the Outreach Foundation! Thank you too to Sophie Bilas, Helen Baldwin, Georgia Mallory and Claudia Martinez for helping raise money to fund this wonderful initiative.
Yay! to the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama honours group who did such amazing work with us this year. We were hoping Gemma and Kyanne would return this year to help lead a new partnership with the Speech and Drama College, South Africa – we still hope they will join us next year.
Next year the Outreach Foundation’s performing arts programme with engage published texts for the first time in partnership with the Speech and Drama College. Watch this space!


Leader’s Getaway

We recently held a kids week for our staff and youth leaders with the goal of reinventing the program and revitalizing our methods in order to give our children the best experience possible.

What we most spoke about was the fact that Kids Week has been running the same way for 20 years and now we feel like its time for change.

We came up with kids week themes for the coming 3 kids weeks from now and we worked on and discussed the project sustainability of kids week as a whole. Leaders received different topics and we all tackled them with open minds.

The sessions were very progressive and we cant wait for them to be developed and implemented. Watch this space.

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