Our Goals:

We strive to develop our community through mental, physical and emotional development. We offer many activities such as music, theatre, a youth center and library. Our goal is to provide a safe haven for the youth to come and develop their skills as well find their passions.

Our Programmes:


The Hillbrow Theatre (formerly the Andre Huguenot Theatre) offers after-school performance arts programmes to children and youth who live in Hillbrow or attend schools in Hillbrow and the inner city of Johannesburg. Performance training gives children confidence and builds the skills of public speaking, voice and acting. Play is the work of children, and through play, acting and singing, children work through issues that they have to face on a daily basis. Drama demands empathy for different personalities, cultures, religions and ways of living, and allows children to learn and practice the skills of self-discipline, communication, tolerance and mutual respect. Life in the inner city can expose people to xenophobia, landlord exploitation, drug abuse and violence and the Hillbrow Theatre Project provides a safe space where children and youth can explore these issues through plays and storytelling. The drama workshops give children and youth the opportunity to develop their communication skills, self-confidence, teamwork skills and to unleash their imagination. Through the process of making these plays, children explore and dramatise creative solutions. A high point on our annual calendar is the Inner City High Schools Drama Festival, which was initiated by the facilitators in 2005. The Hillbrow Theatre Project facilitators run drama workshops at inner-city schools with groups of learners between the ages of 12 and 19 years. Also, there are two open drama classes which are conducted in the afternoons and on Saturday mornings at the theatre.


The Hillbrow Music Centre was started in 1998 on behalf of the Outreach Foundation as part of the arts and culture program in response to the overwhelming need for extra-curricular activities after school and over weekends for children and youth. Due to the limited opportunities for music education in Hillbrow and the surrounding inner-city despite the obviously large and enthusiastic pool of talent in the area, the HMC primarily provide access to music education as an alternative after-school activity for children and youth in Hillbrow and the surrounding inner-city areas. The project aims to keep children and youth off the streets and provide them with activities that support their holistic development.

Educational Support

The Youth Center officially opened to the public in October 2013 as an initiative of the Outreach Foundation. The Day Vision youth centre was started by young people in the community of Hillbrow who felt the need to bring the youth together and a place for young people to come relax and also acquire skills that will help them in their personal development. The main aim of the youth centre is to educate and empower the youth of Hillbrow, to instil positive values amongst the youth, to help unlock their potential and furthermore contribute towards their inner healing. The centre also has a social worker who deals personal issues affected by the youth. In order to make contact with young people and create a safe meeting space, the centre was established to encourages the youth to be more open-minded and allow themselves to broaden their horizon in their way of thinking and approach to life.

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