Outreach Foundation’s Youth Centre Library and ICT Centre

We are now able to provide a safe productive space for young people and the unemployed youth to go to read books, research topics, and learn more through our Library and ICT Centre, made possible through a donation from the Vodacom Foundation.

Although Outreach Foundation has the Computer Centre, classes are run regularly and the children and unemployed youth are unable to spend a lot of time there accessing the internet for projects and to send emails for job applications and more. Our ICT Centre bridges that gap and creates as space for them to connect with the world.

We are always looking for books, so please do support us by donating some. We launch the library on Join us on 23 March 2018 at 14h30.

Outreach Foundations new library and ICT Centre


We have had a lot of fun setting up the library ready for the launch. Each book added is an opportunity for a child to learn.