Food Processing and Preservation Course

2022-03-06 19:14:26

"The experience made me realise the worth of life because working with people and being in a space of learning has made me realise that life is too short to be miserable. Gratitude is the best attitude and taking everything that is given to you with great importance" - Food preservation participant.
The Food Processing and Preservation for business course is delivered as a green technical and business skill. The participants are taught and encouraged to recycle and reuse ( we used recycled bottles for this one) items. Furthermore, they will be linked with the urban garden as the long-term idea is for them to learn to preserve what they produce.
No oil is used but lemon, sugar, salt, vinegar, spices and herbs in our food preservation. The course entails cooking (processing) and preserving naturally these five things; fruit/vegetable chutney, fruit canning, tomato relish, vegetable pickling and fruit jam.
Thank you to all the beneficiaries and we wish them all the best in their green business endeavour.
Thank you to Brot für die Welt, The Lutheran World Federation, Terre des hommes, Department of Social Development (Gauteng Province), ELM, The Green Business College and all our funders for making this life-changing experience a possibility.
Outreach Foundation Food Processing Course   Outreach Foundation's Food Processing Course
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