Food Preparation and Cookery Training Course

2021-05-27 16:05:13

Food Preparation and Cookery Training Course

Our first Food Preparation and Cookery training course for 2021 started on May 3rd, 2021. This 6-week long training course is conducted in partnership with the Soweto Chef’s Academy. It includes theory and practical training. The final 2-day practical is monitored internally by our FirstRand Intern who is trained in the field.
Our 12, all-female participants are in their second week of learning and have already mastered the art of preparing a mouthwatering vegetarian Asian Stir-fry as well as succulent meatballs.
We look forward to tasting more of their delicious dishes!
A big thank you to all our funders for making this project possible.
Students learn to cook at Outreach   Excited cookery and food preparation course participants can't wait to start the course.
Soweto Chef's academy teaching students at Outreach Foundation
Noodles made by Outreach Foundation's cooking students   Food made by Outreach Foundation cooking students

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