Food donations by Outreach Foundation and Mukuru

2020-10-15 17:30:06

The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked substantial damage to human lives and South Africa's economy. The measures used to try to curtail the effect of the pandemic such as the lockdown, has, unfortunately, worsened the income inequalities that characterise the country’s economy. Vulnerable populations such as low-income earners in the informal sector have been most affected by job losses and the resulting income loss. The loss of jobs and income is likely to result in reduced ability to access healthcare and a nutritious diet. This, in turn, will negatively impact on people’s health ~ Source: The Conversation, Academic Rigour, journalist flair, August 23, 2020. Even though the Government has put in measures such as social relief assistance to try and assist individuals who have been negatively affected by COVID-19, not all individuals qualify for the funding. Fortunately, companies like Mukuru have found ways to assist those who do not qualify for Government funding. Through the Outreach Foundation, it gave 300 food vouchers to those who qualified for this assistance. We are thankful to Mukuru for their contribution which enabled us to assist those who are vulnerable during this time.   Here are a few photographs of those who received food through this incredible initiative!     Mukuru donates food Mukuru is a new donor Outreach Foundation distributes food through food vouchers given by Mukuru Mukuru gives food vouchers to Outreach     Thank you Mukuru! Logo for Outreach Foundation's new donor, Mukuru        
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