Outreach Foundation’s Counselling Centre

Our value

The counselling, care and support unit in the Outreach Foundation fulfil an integral part in providing support and development to beneficiaries in the projects and also the broader community at large. Through our holistic approach we provide 1st step/entry level psychosocial support initiatives in the following key areas:

  • Primary care interventions and weekly street outreaches to vulnerable communities in Hillbrow;
  • Family reunification, the creation of functional families to contribute to the alleviation of homelessness and safety; and
  • Counselling and support, the provision of trauma debriefing and emotional support in a safe and caring environment.

Counsellor’s code of conduct 

Our counsellors work to a code of conduct, a practical tool and internal compass that guides all volunteers, part-time and full-time employees. It is underpinned by an emphasis on our commitment to maintaining a high standard in our ethical and professional approach as counsellors; a high priority on confidentiality, protection of human rights; and offering a professional service to the community