Carpentry course ends

2021-05-13 18:34:15

Our Carpentry class is done!
These classes started on Friday, 9th April 2021. Our students (we’re happy to say both men and women) were very busy with the theory behind carpentry as well as the practical side. The classes are facilitated by Jeppe College.
In addition to all they learnt during the theory side, they also went out on excursions to experience real-life carpentry workshops. The one place they went to was in Faraday. A big thank you to Jeppe College for organising this journey!
On the practical side, they worked on Palletes and created some beautiful furniture such a chair and a chest of drawers.
The students had a great time, but all good things must end. We are pleased to present our Basic Carpentry Skills level 2 certificate recipients.
Thank you to all the participants for their hard work, dedication and commitment.
We wish them well in their future endeavours.
A big thank you to our funders and partners for making this project possible.
Below are photos from the start to the finish. It’s so exciting!
Students enjoyed the course and finished with a nice certificate handover certificate

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