My Body My Space – The Forgotten Theatre Angle Collaborative (FATC)

My Body My Space April 2019

Threadways like Roadways

During the last week of April in Machadodorp, Emakhazeni, Outreach Foundation joined four FATC Interns to create a journey that speaks to what freedom is, whether it still has meaning in our lives today, and to explore the frustrations of a much younger generation with regard to the barriers and prejudices they face, the land issue and race issues.

Over three days we unravelled and re-knitted and re-weaved a new story that can be held, picked up re-connected and shared with everyone.

Using the land to change the colour of white cloths. Embroidering on fences, and weaving on a gate, is one way to open up discussions as to how refugees and migrants feel coming to South Africa. The discussions deal with, among other things, the disappointments they have as well as the confusion they feel as to the resentment and anger directed at them as an outsider.

One of the findings we had, was that the one single most critical thing women deal with in our country is not feeling safe. It doesn’t matter what colour, nationality or age they are, they feel extremely vulnerable.

Questions abounded as to why we need to keep ‘othering’ people – you are too black. You are too light. You are too tall. You are too short. You speak another language. Your hair is different. This ‘othering’ causes so much fear and trauma, especially for women.