Boitumelo’s Products


Boitumelo creates beautiful hand-made products and artwork with historical value and social relevance. Each artist or crafter receives careful mentoring – not just in terms of their skill but also their own identity and creative path. The products, therefore, are imbued with an authentic, once-off uniqueness. The artworks are both a deeply personal expression of the student’s hopes and dreams, while at the same reflecting a collective sense of belonging – their response to living in the Afropolitan melting pot of Hillbrow and the strength they draw from each other.

 Shopping bags

Made from bull denim, embroidered and appliquéd with original imagery in 3 sizes. Laptop bags and cushion covers extend this range. We also make custom made bags which clients can order.

 ‘Karos vir die Karoo’

A series of blankets made from leftover interior design fabrics. Each blanket is a unique colour and pattern design. They are available in different sizes. They also produce custom-made blankets on request from clients but they currently do this only with the donated design fabrics that are recycled.

 Joburg Panels

The crafters make panels depicting various themes from Johannesburg. The panels vary in sizes, from small to large extended panels over a meter in length. They also make panels as orders for clients such as for instance a family who celebrated a 50th wedding anniversary ordered a family tree panel for each family that included all the names of the children and family events.

Each product is designed and created by the individual participant. It is only when they receive the same orders of over 12 items that they set up a more streamlined production.

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