Outreach Foundation’s Boitumelo – Activities


Some of the processes we use to create work include:

  •  Create Journals: This activity engages the community in the art of actively recording experiences and history. Creating journals facilitates the growth of individual creativity and becomes an artistic resource as well as a therapeutic tool.
  • Collect Material: This activity activates the understanding of natural materials and the potential that various natural or recycled materials have for art and craft creation.
  • Walk the daily Paths: This activity challenges the community to actively participate in understanding their space, context and to see the possible impact they could have through their art practice.
  • Mapping Home: This workshop explores the meaning of home and environment for the human community, drawing parallels and creating empathy with the natural world such as bird homes.

Some of our specific projects:

  • Saturday book club: click here to view more about this project.
  • Paper project: click here to view more about this project.
  • Nkosi’s Haven training: click here to view more about this project.

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