Link to research on migration and disability by IOM and the African Centre for Migration

2022-03-10 19:19:05

In 2020 the IOM, in collaboration with the African Centre for Migration and Society (ACMS) at the University of Witwatersrand, conducted research to better understand the nature of migration and disability in South Africa. The research titled "They are too quiet about migration: a scoping exercise exploring migration and disability in South Africa" revealed that whilst there are various policies aimed at promoting and addressing the rights of persons with disabilities, these policies are silent on vulnerable Migrants and Disabilities. In addition to this, little is known about migrants with disabilities and as a result, vulnerable migrants with disabilities remain hidden and excluded not just from policies, but subsequent social-welfare programming too. To read the report, click on this link which will take you to the IOM website.   #MigrationandDisability #migration #migrantswithdisabilitiesmatter #peoplewithdisabilitiesmatter #peoplewithdisabilities
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