Media statement by the Outreach Foundation

For immediate release

Looting and destruction of foreign nationals’ property must stop and protection given to all

30 August 2018

The Outreach Foundation strongly condemns the destruction and looting of shops owned by foreign national shop owners in Soweto on 29 August 2018, or elsewhere in the country.

One of our core functions at the Foundation is to provide psychosocial support in a safe space for migrant communities at risk, marginalised and vulnerable.

According to the City of Johannesburg’s Public Safety MMC Mr Michael Sun, it is believed that the violence in Soweto was sparked by “accusations that shop owners within the community had allegedly been selling counterfeit and expired goods to members of the community”.

The Outreach Foundation sees the actions of looting and destruction toward the foreign nationals as a clear act of criminality that is sparking a fire of xenophobia. We call upon affected foreign nationals not to take the law into their own hands and to report these criminal acts to their nearest police station and to ask for the assurance of their safety.

We call upon community members to please refrain from participating in any criminal activity. We also call upon the police to arrest these criminals and to immediately bring stability and peace to the affected communities.

We also call upon the South African government,  to immediately implement a sustainable strategy of social cohesion involving key government departments, NGO`s and the affected communities.

The Outreach Foundation says NO TO XENOPHOBIA and NO TO CRIMINALITY.

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