Hillbrow Theatre – Commitment

Hillbrow Theatre Project team commits to

  1. Providing a safe space for the children and youth of Hillbrow and beyond to attend after-school arts and culture activities;
  2. Providing drama, dance and playmaking skills to inner-city school learners;
  3. Developing a culture of appreciation for arts and culture;
  4. Providing learners from the inner city with a platform to showcase their performing skills and talents;
  5. Giving children and youth the opportunity to develop their drama, dance and playmaking skills, communication skills, self-confidence and their ability to work as part of a team:
  • To unleash the imagination;
  • To bring about creative thinking; and
  • To enrich their lives.
  1. Encouraging the participants to investigate, discuss and debate about who we are, how we interact with each other and the world we live in;
  2. Acting in the best interests of all its participants irrespective of race, age, culture, ethnicity, religion, disability, gender, class, sexual orientation, geographical location or language;
  3. Affirming human rights and their attendant responsibilities as outlined in the South African Constitution’s Bill of Rights;
  4. Strengthening democracy; and
  5. Acting as a conduit between different inner city schools and community-based organisations within the inner city and beyond and building bridges to further enrich the lives of children and youth who attend our project.

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Support an inter-generational cast from Hillbrow, Johannesburg, in their collective dream to take this year's theatrical show to the National Arts Festival. The 10 to 82-year-old talents are in their 3rd year of partnership, committed to values of inclusivity & expression.

Outreach Foundation's Sounds Like You and Me

This is not only a journey out of Hillbrow to the National Arts Festival for a company of young and not so young people, but a day on the beach too! (For many of the cast, it'll be their first time at the beach and the NAF)