Event: In My Mother’s Womb

New play for Outreach Foundation Hillbrow TheatreIn My Mother’s Womb, the latest devised work directed by the skilful Gcebile Dlamini, choreographed by Sibusiso Hadebe with Paul Noko as the dramaturge is an evocative story of resilience, spirituality and hope. The play offers an intimate look into what it is like to live with blindness. Drawing from personal stories of the inter-generational cast of youngsters and the elderly, Dlamini challenges the audience to suspend the privilege of sight and use other senses to experience how the blind perceive the world.

In My Mother’s Womb is centred on the protagonist Siphokazi, who was born blind after her mother was bewitched by her family. Determined for Siphokazi to survive, her parents sent her to a special school for the blind where she learns how to survive with her condition. This artistic work explores the nuanced and complex relationship between Christianity and traditional healing and asks if these beliefs can work together.

To awaken one’s spirituality, Dlamini says we all need to crawl back to our mother’s womb and acknowledge our complex existence. She experiments with the womb as the metaphor of darkness and asks the following questions: does one live with generational curses? Does the spirit world exist? Can hope keep one alive? Can tragedy turn into a blessing?

Dlamini says “we learn the true meaning of dreams and hope through the blind. They can touch what we cannot. After every rehearsal of this work I ask myself, what kind of world could we inhabit if we all took the time to understand the world’s forgotten senses.” Through the exploration of blindness, this play is an example of the endless possibilities of how one can express oneself differently in the absence of sight.

In My Mother’s Womb is an innovative performance that will incite engagement and conversation around reimagining blindness in our communities. The production will premiere at the 2018 National Arts Festival and it is made possible by the generous support from the Outreach Foundation Hillbrow Theatre Project in collaboration with Tswelopele Frail Care Centre and the Johannesburg Society for the Blind.

Venue: Hillbrow Theatre

21 March 1:00 PM (Preview)

28 March 6:00 PM

Venue: Drama for Life SA Season

April 13 6:00 PM

April 14 3:30 PM

Venue: POPArt

21 April 3:30 PM

27 April 3:30 PM

28 April 3:30 PM (To be confirmed)




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