About Outreach Foundation’s Boitumelo

Boitumelo is a unique project in Hillbrow Johannesburg. Through arts education, skills development and creative programming, the project enables young people and adults to find economic opportunities, develop skills and social support in the city.

Boitumelo offers a safe space for those who seek creative guidance. Men, women and youth can create artistic products and crafts while learning key life skills to address the social, financial, emotional and personal complexities of their daily lives.

Boitumelo operates on the intersection between arts education, income generation, skills development and contemporary art production. Originally using methods that come from traditional crafts, such as needlework, the activities have expanded into the realms of public art, art for healing, land art and memory projects.

What does Boitumelo do?

Boitumelo has been operating in Hillbrow since November 2001 as a centre offering integrated training and skills development, artistic and economic opportunity.

Artist/crafters have exhibited and participated in art fairs, competitions, exhibitions and have collaborated in the international artistic arena. [embed link to Awards and Accolades section.

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