Day Vision Hillbrow Youth Centre

About us

The Youth Center officially opened to the public in October 2013 as an initiative of the Outreach Foundation. The Day Vision youth center was stared by young people in the community of Hillbrow who felt the need to bring the youth together and a place for young people to come relax and also acquire skills that will help them in their personal development. The main aim of the youth center is to educate and empower the youth of Hillbrow, to instill positive values amongst the youth, to help unlock their potential and furthermore contribute towards their inner healing. The center also has a social worker who deals personal issues afected by the youth. In order to make contact with young people and create a safe meeting space, the center was established to encourages the youth to be more open minded and allow themselves to broaden their horizon in their way of thinking and approch to life.

Youth Centre Programmes

The youth center programs are established to provide educational lifelong skills and the opportunity to embrace their true identity of who they are and their capabilities as young people with great potentials. Presently it offers a number of programmes run on the property from Monday to Friday which are:

  • Monday: Discussion of current youth issues.
  • Tuesday: General Knowlege.
  • Wednesday: Life Skills and Book club.
  • Thursday: Spelling B.
  • Friday: Youth Service.
  • Homework assistance throughout.

The Youth center is open Monday to Friday from 2pm-6pm.                                                                                 The Youth service starts at 5pm-7pm.