Ethel Munyai - (Main Coordinator)

This person has the overall responsibility for the coordination and communication within the team. H should have a good grasp of the functioning of the week as well as the theme and content and sees that the Kids Week is connected to the theme; therefore he attends the meetings of the Ministry Team. The Main Coordinator is responsible for the dates and chairing Kids Week Workshops, dividing duties (such as morning devotions) and chairing the feedback sessions of the Coordinating Team. He sees that each department of Kids Week does well and is prepared and is the person that oversees the camp.

Mbali Webb - (Head of coordinating team)

The Coordinating team

The coordinating team is responsible for the smooth running of kids week. It is a fairly closed group of people (people responsible for certain areas of Kid Week) that evaluates the running of it and to make changes to its structure, if necessary. It is headed by the Kids Week coordinator, whom it supports and advices. It meets every afternoon during Kids Week and deals with any issue that comes up and needs immediate attention. It meets one week after Kids Week for an evaluative session workshop.

The Ministry Team

The main objective of the Ministry Team is, and has always been, to plan the ministry time. The Ministry Team used to meet a few times before Kids Week. Since the ministry is the core of the Kids Week, more attention needs to be paid to it. The team meets now on a regular basis, every last Thursday of the month, to ensure a well-planned and qualitative ministry session. The tasks of the Ministry Team are the following:

  • Planning the Kids week workshops
  • Finding new songs and games
  • Planning of the Kids Week service
  • Working out a ministry plan that guides through the ministry of the week.
  • The Ministry Team is headed by the ministry leaders. The pastor is invited to attended the meetings of this team.

The Advertising Team

More attention needs to be paid not only to reaching out to the community of Hillbrow, but also include other congregations of ELCSA-NT, ELCSA-CD and other denominations in surrounding areas. Therefore the Coordinating Team has made the decision to establish an Advertising Team, headed by the Advertising Coordinator, to promote Kids Week in the congregations and in the community. It will on the one hand be the responsibility of the Advertising Team to call helpers for workshops and the actual week. On the other hand it will be its responsibility to send out leaflets and invitations to other congregations and do follow ups on those as well as to visit congregations to give information about Kids Week. The Advertising Team will not meet on a regular basis, as the ministry Team and does not have a set staff. It will be called together by the Advertising Coordinator.