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kids weekDuring the school holidays in Gauteng, more young children are always seen around the community of Hillbrow, with less recreational activities that will help them to develop their life skills. In 1998 the Outreach Foundation decided to fill the gap with the Hillbrow Kids week program and provide holistic basic services to the inner-city children of Hillbrow and beyond . For the past 18 years this initiative has developed into a flagship of innovative, creative and developmental strategies with a strong focus on child development activities.


Kids week programes

Since its inception 18 yeqrs ago, the Hillbrow kids' week initiative has become a household brand and it operates during the first week of the major Gauteng school holidays for childern aged between 6-13 and also 14-18 years old. During the week, the children are guided through with the Bible stories, fun games and recreational activities that include life skills workshops like sex education, drug awareness, care and support. This platform is important in the children’s lives because the children have even established a relationship with this programme, and this has seen Kids Week attracting more than 300 children led by 80 helpers in our recent Kids Weeks.

kids week