The impact of violence, abuse and dysfunctional families on a diverse urban society like Hillbrow can be very traumatic and leave lifelong scars of deeply rooted emotional wounds in the heart of an individual and also to the community. We as the Counselling, Care and Support Unit and as part of the Outreach Foundation contribute positively towards the prevention of violence and abuse through restoring the moral fibre of society by providing counselling, advocacy, capacity building, community based research and the provision of a mental safe space.

Part of the Community Outreach initiative is Counselling, Care and Support intervention that are provided to the participants in our programs and community at large. These initiatives include the following:

  • Case Management - Managing clients individual development plans (IDP)
  • Counselling - Providing regular debriefing session, group work therapy to victims of violence, abuse, trauma and bereavement.
  • Pre rehab intervention - Family reunification, admission to drug treatment centers, and after care.
  • Community Awareness - Provide awareness campigns on issues affecting the community.
  • Migrant Support initiative - To specifically provide counselling to migrants at risk.

Process of care:

Step 1: Every client is individually assesed by a counsel worker.

Step2: Intervention decided upon together by the client and counselor (IDP).

Step3: Exit streagy of client.

Step4: Follow up.

Counselling is provided in a safe space of care.


Opening of refugee & migrant centre