The Foundation is a faith-based organisation, we therefore seek to restore a sense of pride in oneself as an individual and human being, so that the assisted person begins to look at him/herself as a human being with huge potential to succeed in life, to cope in life and to positively impact on his or her own future. The values that we seek to instill also in our program participants are the following:

  • Humanity/Dignity: Every person has the right to humanity / dignity.
  • Equality (Acceptance): We serve all people with equality (acceptance); independent of gender, sexual identify, age, colour, disability, religion and social background.
  • Awareness: We are aware of what people need.
  • Passion: We serve the people with passion.
  • Political consciousness: We encourage people to take responsibility for their own rights.
  • Anti-violence: Our behaviour and our language are peaceful.
  • Transparency and integrity
  • Artistic and creative excellence